Commercial Pilot Training

A Commercial Pilot Certificate allows you to fly an airplane for compensation or hire. It is the final capstone of the Professional Pilot Program. At this point your experience behind the yoke could begin paying for itself.
The Commercial part 61 training is composed of two simultaneous courses. The single engine course is 10 hours of flight in a Piper Arrow. At the same time students are mastering multi-engine procedures in the Piper Seneca. Students reach the 250 hours and take the single engine commercial flight test. That is immediately followed by a Multi-Engine add on checkride.

Piper PA-34 Seneca

Piper PA-28R-200 Arrow

How long will it take to get my Commercial Pilot License?
Full-time students who dedicate themselves to obtaining a commercial pilot’s license can do so within a 4 week period. If you have a regular job and can only dedicate a few hours a week, then it may take about four(4) to six(6) weeks to accomplish it.

What kind of Aircraft will I train in?
Wayman Flight Training utilities Piper Seneca aircraft with a Garmin 430 system  for multi-engine training. Piper Arrows are flown for commercial single certificates. This is a “complex” aircraft with retractable landing gear and a variable-pitch propeller.

How many flight hours are required?
The Single engine rating can be done in 10 hours. The multi-engine add on is 13-20hrs plus checkride.

The Part 61 Commercial Pilot Training Program is composed of two simultaneous courses.

  • Commercial Single Engine
  • Commercial Multi-Engine Add-on
  1. Fly Single engine ( ~8hrs )
  2. Add Multi-engine ( ~10hrs )
  3. Review Flight then Commercial Single Engine Checkride
  4. Review Flight then Commercial Multi-Engine Add on Checkride

FAA Part 141 courses are for military or college students that need to meet the minimum requirements of their countries or sponsors.

  • Miami-Dade College and Veteran’s receiving GI Benefits
  • 120 hours flight time
  • Structured Time Building is included in this Phase
  • Commercial Single at 190/250hrs,
  • Multi-Engine training cannot be done consecutively.
  • Students must have 18 years of Age
  • Be Able to Read, Write, and Speak English at ICAO level 4 standards
  • Hold a 1st or 2nd Class FAA Medical (After US Arrival)
  • International Students will need an M-1 Student Visa & TSA clearance
  • Part 61 Commercial Single Engine Course is ~$3,000
  • Part 61 Multi-Engine Add-on Course is ~$5,000

This includes all courses, materials, flight time, and fuel.

Written and Practical Exams are not included.

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