Wayman has a flight-training partnership with Miami-Dade College’s EIG-Watson School of Aviation.

The program’s long history of launching aviation careers in Miami-Dade and contributing to the aviation community is unparalleled. Student pursuing a degree in Professional Pilot Technology Program will receive high quality ground training at Miami-Dade College and complete their in-aircraft flight requirements at Wayman.

Students from Miami-Dade will now have convenient cost effective flight training available to them in North Miami. MDC students have always been welcome at Opa Locka Airport. This partnership allows cadets to get full college credit for their flight training. It also allows MDC students to use student financial aid and pell grants to further their flying. Current Wayman students will be elligible to recieve college credit towards a degree based on their FAA certificates.

If you are a student at the School of Aviation talk to your adviser and register for flight classes at Miami Opa Locka Airport.

MDC Flight Team

Wayman Flight Training is a sponsor of Miami-Dade College’s Intercollegiate Flight Competion Team. Every year hard working students from MDC travel to Flight Team meets through the South East. These competitions consist of Spot Landings, Aircraft Recognition, Flight Planing, and Airman Knowledge. It is a great opportunity for young aviator to go out and get to know other schools, pilots, and the aviation community. Wayman supports this endeavor every year by providing 2 aircraft at cost for the team’s use. We love seeing those Blue Tails out at competition. If you are an MDC student, Join the Flight Team!

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