EASA ATPL Theory Course Program

At Wayman Aviation Academy it is possible to combine your FAA Commercial Pilot License with an EASA ATPL Theory course . Combining these two programs enables European students to finish their EASA ATPL Theory course “online” without leaving the USA.

Our partner EASA schools are located in Florida and in Athens, Greece. They can provide EASA ATPL Theory courses to those who obtain their PPL licenses with Wayman. Through this program Wayman students have a chance to finish their EASA ATPL Theory courses either %90 online through a web based distance learning program.

The exams will take place in Orlando at an EASA exam center upon completion of theory courses in Florida.

The EASA Theory course is over 750hrs of aeronautical theory. It takes 6 to 8 months to learn. With our program, you will start your EASA Theory course right after your FAA Private Pilot check-ride. This will enable you to finish EASA Theory classes only 1 or 2 months after you finish your FAA Commercial Pilot training.

The fastest and the most economical way of obtaining both licenses is the at Wayman Aviation Academy. Please contact us for detailed information and course fees.